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Keysight U1733C

20,980.00 ฿

Keysight’s U1730C Series handheld LCR meters allow you to measure at frequencies as high as 100 kHz — a capability typically found only in benchtop meters. Get measurements done faster using the one-touch automatic identification function button which displays component type and more detailed component analysis such
as Z, ESR, and DCR. Ideal for testing on the go, these LCR meters operate on a battery that lasts up to 16 hours. With the U1730C Series that is built for your convenience, you can perform quick and basic LCR measurements at an affordable price.

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Brand : Keysight

– 20,000 counts resolution
– 0.2% basic accuracy
– Wide LCR ranges with three to five selectable test frequencies (up to 100 kHz for U1733C)
– Auto identification (Ai) automatically determines and displays component type and measurements
– Detailed component analysis with DCR, ESR, Z, D, Q, and θ functions
– Battery life of 16 hours/AC-powered
– IR-to-USB connectivity for data logging to PC

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