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Keysight U1461A

41,680.00 ฿

Accomplish more in a day's work with the Keysight U1450A/U1460A Series insulation resistance testers. You can now
perform tests remotely using a Windows-based PC or iOS/Android smart devices by simply adding Bluetooth connectivity
to these handhelds. Also, get your works done efficiently with the error-free automated report generation using the
complimentary reporting software. These handhelds are certified to IP 67, robust tools built to withstand drops of up to
three meters (10 feet) with the wide operating temperature range of –40 to 55 °C, letting you make measurements with
confidence even in extreme harsh environments. What's more, with the U1453A and U1461A you can test unique
applications with the adjustable test voltages range of 10 V to 1.1 kV

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Brand : Keysight

– Wireless insulation resistance testing via PC and
smart phone/tablet applications
– Automatic test report generation
– 50 V / 100 V / 250 V / 500 V / 1000 V test voltages
– Measure up to 260 GΩ
– Timed / PI / DAR test
– Adjustable test output voltage from 10 V to 1.1 kV1
– 4.5-digit DMM with OLED display, basic2 and full featured3
– IP 67 certified, three meters (10 feet) drop proof
– CAT III 1000 V / CAT IV 600 V
1. U1453A/U1461A
2. U1453A
3. U1461A

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