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Keysight U1191A

5,480.00 ฿

Keysight’s U1190 Series clamp meters are packed with a wealth of features to help you work more efficiently and more safely. Housed in robust cases, each model comes with an innovative wire separator that helps you isolate and measure individual wires in a bundle. The built-in LED flashlight illuminates your test area and Vsense performs non-contact voltage detection. The clamp meters are also certified with both CAT III 600 V and CAT IV 300 V ratings to cover wider measurement categories.

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Brand : Keysight

– Unique wire separator to separate wires from a bundle
– Vsense to perform non-contact voltage detection1
– Built-in LED flashlight to illuminate test area1
– Current measurement up to 600 A2
– Digital multimeter (DMM) with Resistance, Capacitance1, DCV, ACV,
DCµA3, ACμA3, Continuity and Diode test measurements
– CAT III 600 V / CAT IV 300 V safety ratings
1. Only for U1192A, U1193A and U1194A
2. Only for U1193A and U1194A
3. Only for U1194A

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