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Keysight E36102B

41,340.00 ฿

The E36100 Series design is perfect to power your low power devices. It provides cleaner power, better device protection, and higher accuracy than oversized supplies. Its small size (2U, ¼-rack) and broad viewing angle fit neatly on any bench. The easy-to-use rotary knob with digit-by-digit control allows you to set the output at the desirable resolution quickly and easily.

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Brand : Keysight

ive models offer up to 5 A or 100 V
Low output noise for sensitive devices — ripple & noise < 350µVrms
Device protection against overvoltage and overcurrent
Stable output, load regulation < 0.01 %
High program accuracy at 0.05%
Wide viewing angle with high contrast organic light emitting diode (OLED)
Store and recall up to 10 complete power supply setups
Compact design fits on any bench
USB and LAN (LXI Core)

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